DiscreetDuo™ Wearable Pump​

1 in 4 women go back to work within 2 weeks of giving birth to a child, according to Paid Leave US.

Lansinoh stands with the mothers.

That’s why we launched DiscreetDuo.

In recent years, wearable breast pumps have emerged as a game-changer for moms. These innovative pumps aren't just about convenience—they symbolize freedom. With wearable pumps, you’re no longer tethered to traditional pumping routines, enabling you to more easily integrate pumping into your busy life.

  Historically, most wearable breast pumps required moms to pay an out-of-pocket upgrade fee when ordering an insurance-covered wearable breast pump. For families on Medicaid, this meant that wearable pumps were not an option since Medicaid coverage rules don’t allow upgrades.   

Lansinoh’s DiscreetDuo Wearable Pump is the first-ever wearable pump available without an upgrade fee through insurance and Medicaid. Now, with the DiscreetDuo, more nursing moms, including many of those on Medicaid, will have access to the game-changing technology of a wearable pump. With four different pumping styles, nine levels of suction, a convenient LED display, and soft silicone flanges, pumping freedom is now at your fingertips.

The need has never been greater to support pumping moms.

"I often feel resent coming from coworkers about 'all the extra breaks' which is not at all supportive. I do feel judgement like I am somehow being lazy or taking advantage by taking 2 pump breaks during the day. I know it's not right, I know it's not a break/cheat, but it still makes me uncomfortable almost anytime I leave to pump."

- Katelyn​

82% of moms say pumping moms are not supported by society.*

* Lansinoh online survey July 2023, n 277

Resources to Support Pumping Moms in Your Care: