Clinical Research

Clinical Evaluation of a novel hydrogel dressing for protection of Caesarean Section Incisions under expected use conditions.

Twenty-six USA based mothers, who had undergone Caesarean Section (CS) delivery in the past 6-24 weeks trialed a novel C-section hydrogel dressing designed to protect a healing CS incision, while cooling and soothing the area.‍


Women who undergo CS do not always get the same rest and recovery period seen after similar surgeries, as they focus on caring for their new baby. Wounds which have closed successfully are still vulnerable to complications should irritation or friction occur. Hydrogels have extensive use in wound healing and are known for their cooling protective properties. The dressing evaluated in this clinical study applies these benefits to support newly healed skin; protecting the incision area as the wearer resumes normal levels of activity. The use of such dressings may aid women recovering from CS to manage their self-care needs.

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